About ACM

What is ACM? ACM is short for Association for Computing Machinery, and is a worldwide professional organization for computer scientists and others in computing-related disciplines. Here at UCSC, we have a student ACM chapter, which seeks to promote interest in computer science and other science- and engineering-related disciplines. We aim to provide a strong sense of community to all engineering students within the Baskin School of Engineering, with a particular focus on students studying computer science. We host events such as tech talks, code-a-thons, movie nights, game nights, and Friday socials. Some additional types of events which we plan to host in the near future include scavenger hunts and programming contests.

Email List

If you would like to be notified when ACM events are happening, reach out to us at acm@ucsc.edu to be added to our email list! We also have a Facebook page and a Slack channel listed below!


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We have more class than C++

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